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Carrier Oils

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Carrier Oils (also known as base oils or vegetable oils) are used to dilute Essential Oils before applying to skin & hair.  They “carry” the Essential Oil onto the skin.


Carrier Oils may be used alone, or Essential Oils may be added for use as body, bath or massage Oils.


Carrier Oils are more than just vehicles for Essential Oils, as they have health-giving qualities of their own. Different Carrier Oils offer different properties & the choice of Carrier Oil can depend on the specific therapeutic benefit desired.   Choosing the appropriate Carrier Oil will add considerably to the dynamic nature of a massage & will provide specific benefits. They can also help boost the immune system.


Vegetable Oils are made up of essential fatty acids & contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D & E. The fatty acid compounds help to reduce blood cholesterol levels & strengthen cell membranes, thereby slowing down the formation of fine lines & wrinkles and helping the body to resist attack from free radicals.

Ours are NOT the type of Oils you purchase for cooking or baking.  Oils purchased at most grocery stores are not cold-pressed, but are instead heated, providing far less therapeutic value.


Our Carrier Oils are top-quality, Organic, pure, cold-pressed vegetable oils derived from the fatty portions of plants.


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