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To reduce allergy symptoms in sinuses.


Studies have shown that repeating an appropriate affirmation during use actually increases and enhances the effectiveness of the product.


Affirmation: My eyes are clear and I can breathe easily.


This inhaler will last more than one year if cap is tightly replaced after each use.

Allergy Relief Nasal Inhaler

SKU: 8-225
  • Place at the opening of each nostril, pinch shut the opposite nostril, and inhale through your nose once or twice.  Then do the other nostril. Replace cap tightly after use.

    By focusing on a positive thought or affirmation as you inhale the scents,  you will achieve even greater results from your inhaler by creating an aromatherapy association between the affirmation and the aroma.

    Our aromatherapy nasal inhalers will last more than a year, regardless of the number of uses, as long as the cap is replaced tightly between uses.


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