Organic; Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil
Origin: Madagascar ~ Plant Part: Bark
Packaged in a 15 ML. amber glass dropper bottle.

CINNAMON BARK (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

SKU: 8-018
  • This oil provides all the benefits of Cinnamon Leaf plus many other benefits, but is so potent it should be used only in extremely small amounts highly diluted with other oils, or should not be used on the skin at all.  Cinnamon Bark is very effective used as an inhalant.  

    Skin Care:  Foot fungus, tightens loose tissues;

    Circulation, Muscles & Joints: Stimulates heart & circulation, raises blood pressure;

    Digestive System: Gut parasites, nausea, vomiting, pancreas stimulation;

    Genito-Urinary System: Eases period pain, urinary infections, aids male impotence;

    Immune System: Stimulates immune system, raises body temperature, purifies the air;

    Nervous System: Fear, feelings of weakness, depression, arouses creativity.