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Our Fractionated Coconut Oil is perfect for any skin and hair use.  It has become one of the "go-to" carrier oils due to its therapeutic benefits and ease of use. 

Removing the long-chain triglycerides improves the stability of the oil and increases its shelf-life. When coconut oil has been fractionated, capric acid and caprylic acid volumes increase proportionally as other components are removed, creating a strong antioxidant and disinfectant action.

270 ML Packaged in a beautiful, vintage- style glass bottle.

Fractionated Coconut Oil - Organic

SKU: 8-624
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil readily absorbs into skin, making it ideal for massage therapy, and washes out of clothing very easily with no staining.

    It’s the lightest of all the carrier oils & will spray through a pump sprayer with ease.

    Fractionated Coconut Oil leaves skin feeling silky smooth with no greasy feeling, and is odorless.

    Completely odorless & colorless. 

    Great for all skin types.

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