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Organic, Medical-Grade Essential Oil
Origin: Madagascar ~ Plant Part: Leaf
Packaged in a 15 ML. amber glass dropper bottle.


SKU: 8-103
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory – It eliminates or stops the growth of fungi and bacteria on wounds and keeps them from developing infections.

    Antimicrobial – An immunity booster, this essential oil strengthens the body’s defensive cells to help it deal with toxic challenges both internally and externally.

    Anti-hemorrhagic – As a styptic, it maintains normal blood flow by contracting the arteries and veins. Its hemostatic properties allow for faster coagulation thus, aiding in blood clot.

    Cytophylactic - It can aid in improving metabolism, which is vital in the development of cells.

    Cicatrisant –Excellent for treating a variety of skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, rashes and fungal infections. Can make scars fade away slowly and restore the skin’s flawlessness.

    Diuretic – It assists in urine discharge from the urinary bladder thus eliminating toxic and excess elements from the body that include sodium, bile, and fat.

    Moisturizer – The essential oil of Rose Geranium acts as a natural cleanser and hydrator. This essential oil also serves as an anti-aging agent as it tightens muscle tissues, keeping the skin from premature sagging.

    Insect Repellant – Blend 5 drops with a carrier oil and place several drops on a tissue and rub on exposed areas. Also effective against head lice when added to shampoo.

    Stress/Anxiety Relief– Works wonders at relieving stress and anxiety. Due to its soothing effect, this essential oil is also ideal for improving sleep quality.

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