Hemp Seed Oil — not to be confused with it's wilder, headline-grabbing cousin hash oil — is the nutty, flavorful oil that comes from the raw seeds of the hemp plant. 

High in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and omega 3, Hemp Seed Oil can be used to increase immunity, counteract aging skin and improve cardiovascular health.

It is especially useful for dry, tired or dehydrated skin and nails. It increases the skin elasticity and water retention capacity in tissues.

Our Pure Hemp Seed Oil can be used to treat dry hair and is often included in hair conditioners.

240 ML Packaged in a beautiful, airtight, glass bottle.

Hemp Seed Oil - Organic

SKU: 8-210
  • Hemp Seed Oil contains more naturally occurring essential fatty acids than any other plant-derived oil & also contains the natural anti-oxidant Vitamin E & sterols.

    It penetrates the skin to moisturize, revive & repair cells damaged by the elements, and may be added to shampoo or conditioner to rejuvenate the scalp.

    It is very high in unsaturated fatty acids, making it a great moisturizer for dry & devitalized skin, and absorbs into the skin very quickly.

    Hemp Seed Oil is also know for:

    • Being a cell regenerator that repairs damaged cells 
    • Rejuvenating the scalp 
    • Soothing muscles
    • Containing natural essential fatty acids, Vitamin E & sterols 
    • Being great for dry & devitalized skin
    • Being easily absorbed by the skin and hair.

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