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Alfalfa leaf, which is also known as Medicago sativa, Chilean Clover, Buffalo Grass, Lucerne and purple medic has many useful properties. 

It is most commonly used for its tonic, anti-fungal, laxative, diuretic, detoxifing, anti-inflammatory, febrifuge, digestive, nutritive, anodyne, anti-arthritic qualities.

Herb: Alfalfa Leaf - Organic - 1 Oz.

SKU: 8-952
  • Alfalfa sprouts are a staple of salads and contain nutrients, but the leaves hold the best healing potential and contain phytoestrogens that could be beneficial in menopausal and breast feeding women.

    Chemicals in alfalfa called saponins can help lower blood cholesterol (by impeding intestinal absorption) without affecting heart-healthy HDL cholesterol.

    Alfalfa may help counteract side effects of chemotherapy used to treat cancer by increasing white blood cells, which are important to fighting off infections.

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