Latin Name: Eupatorium purpureum
Common Names: Queen Of The Meadow Herb

Herb: Queen of the Meadow - Organic - 1 Oz.

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  • This herb is a wonderful remedy for headache, fever, arthritic and joint pain. Better than reaching for aspirin, which can be hard on stomach tissues.

    It is actually thought to soothe digestive upsets, as well as the pains and aches of inflammatory ailments.The salicylic acid content in Queen of the Meadow can provide natural relief for colds, flu, fevers and headaches and it is a great overall pain reliever.

    Its anti-inflammatory qualities can help to soothe and reduce inflammation and are beneficial for the relief of rheumatic pains and the pain of arthritis, aching joints and muscle cramps.

    It is one of the best remedies for hyperacidity and heartburn. It heals and soothes the digestive tract and strengthens, tones the system and helps to control peptic ulcers and gastritis.

    It promotes sweating, which is helpful for reducing fevers and clearing the body of toxins through the skin. Queen of the Meadow, an astringent and antiseptic, is said to be effective against organisms that cause diphtheria, dysentery and pneumonia and its astringency that is said to tighten and tone tissues. The tannins in the herb help to treat diarrhea.

    As a mild diuretic, Queen of the Meadow is beneficial for the elimination of excess fluid in the system. And it is said to be helpful in cases of certain urinary infections and cystitis.

    Queen of the Meadow, when used externally, is useful as a compress for rheumatic pains, neuralgia and sore, aching joints & muscles. It has also been used as a cooling eyewash to relieve conjunctivitis and other eye complaints.

    Those who are allergic to aspirin should not use Queen of the Meadow. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women without first consulting a physician, and children under the age of sixteen years of age with symptoms of flu, chicken pox or other types of viral infection should not use Queen of the Meadow, because, like aspirin, there may be a risk of developing Reye's syndrome.

    Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be used while nursing. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin.