Organic; Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil
Origin:  New Zealand ~ ~ Plant Part: Leaf
Packaged in a 15 ML. amber glass dropper bottle.

MANUKA (Leptospermum scoparium)

  • Anti-dandruff: Manuka oil will maintain the moisture and oil balance in the scalp; will stop the degeneration of the scalp skin; and will also fight any kind of infection on the scalp.

    Bite and Sting Antidote: Reduces pain and swelling on the spot in the event of an insect bite or a venomous sting.

    Antibacterial: Inhibits bacterial infections in the colon, urinary system, respiratory tracts and other vulnerable areas.

    Anti-fungal: Effective in eliminating fungal infections.

    Anti-inflammatory: Efficiently handles inflammation of any type; be it of nasal or respiratory tracts resulting from common colds or if it is of the digestive system caused by overeating of spicy food or even if it is of the circulatory system caused by any toxin (venom, narcotics, etc.) getting into the bloodstream.

    Anti-histaminic: Quickly and easily reduces the production of histamine and thereby gives relief from continuous coughs.

    Anti-allergenic: Allergic reactions are hyper-reactions of the body towards certain foreign elements, including pollens, dust, pets, and many others. Manuka oil calms down or sedates these hyper-reactions, thereby giving relief.

    Cicatrisant: Helps scars fade away by promoting new cell growth in the affected parts of the body and protecting the wounds from developing any infections.