Wonderful Children's Cold Remedy
Packaged in a glass 15 ML. dropper bottle.

Mommy's Touch - Organic Blend

SKU: 8-106
  • Bath Remedy: Blend specified number of drops of Mommy’s Touch with 1 teaspoon of Carrier Oil; Add to bath water; Have child soak as long as possible. Do not add Mommy’s Touch to bath water without first blending with a Carrier Oil.

    Child’s Age

    Drops of

    Mommy’s Touch

    2 to 18 Months


    1 1/2 to 3 years


    3 to 6 years


    7 to 11 years


    12 years & up


    Massage: Blend 1 drop of Mommy’s Touch with 2 teaspoons of Carrier Oil; Massage into chest, back, & under the nose.

    Steam: Add 3 drops of Mommy’s Touch to a pan of very hot water; Cover head and pan with a towel to seal in the vapor; Close eyes and breathe normally for up to 10 minute – OR – add 3 drops of Mommy’s Touch to the water in a vaporizer.  Important – to prevent serious burns, place water pan on a sturdy surface and do not leave child unattended during this process.

    Tissue: Place 2 drops of Mommy’s Touch on a tissue; Have child sniff tissue as needed.

    TIP:  Mommy’s Touch works great for adults too!