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Organic, Handmade, 100% Natural Deodorant


Deodorants are much healthier to use than antiperspirants! 

Additionally, an Organic deodorant increases the health benefits greatly!

Antiperspirants have been linked to a number of health risks, including hormonal imbalance and an increased risk of Alzheimer's. Deodorants have none of these risks; they simply fight bacteria and scent the underarm. 

100% Organic Ingredients:  African Shea Butter; Raw Coconut Oil; Cocoa Butter; Arrowroot Powder; Zinc Oxide/Ricinoleate; Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth; Vitamin E; Beeswax; and  Medical-Grade Essential Oil(s) and/or Certified-Natural Extracts identified by the deodorant's name.

Organic Deodorant

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