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Our Premium Shea Butter is literally straight from the nut of the Karite tree.  This therapeutic Shea Butter is hand-scooped from the inside of the fruit’s nut; hand-forced through a screen to remove any pieces of the nut’s shell; then packed into containers for shipping, leaving 100% of its amazing healing & moisturizing properties!

Organic Raw African Shea Butter ~ 4 Oz.

SKU: 8-778
  • Because this Shea Butter has undergone absolutely no refining it retains the natural color and characteristic smoked-nut aroma.   The natural aroma, which is considered unpleasant by some, gradually dissipates once applied to the skin.  Use this Organic Raw Shea Butter on your most needy areas—dry, chapped, or broken skin; scars, rashes or burns; and wrinkles. 

    Use only in small amounts to prevent greasiness.

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