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Beneficial for softening skin, helping skin to retain moisture, and making skin cells function better. It's hypoallergenic (won't aggravate acne conditions), antibacterial, aids in preventing breakouts, and keeps pores clear. Also speeds healing of present acne lesions, but do not use on weeping or oozing skin.

For best results, dilute 50/50 with distilled water, other 'thin' carrier oil, or vodka .  240 ML

Vegetable Glycerin - Organic

SKU: 8-248
  • Vegetable Glycerin is beneficial for softening the skin and helping the skin retain moisture. It makes skin function better by signaling the cells to mature through their normal stages. 

    It is hypoallergenic, and people suffering from acne can use this product without worry that it will aggravate their condition; and is antibacterial which aids in preventing breakouts and keeping pores clear. It also can speed healing of present acne lesions. It is not inflammatory and will not irritate the skin.

    Because eczema and psoriasis are two skin conditions marked by infection, irritation and itching, our Vegetable Glycerin is a very pure, nonirritating substance and can ease the discomfort of these conditions.
    Its antibacterial properties can also protect the skin from infection.

    Using a typical store product that contains Vegetable Glycerin as just one of many ingredients will not have these same benefits.

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