Promotes tranquility and peacefulness and encourages a calm night's sleep. Great for children!
Comparable to YL’s Peace & Calming.
Diffuse, or blend with Carrier Oil and massage on bottom of feet and nape of neck.
Packaged in a glass 15 ML. dropper bottle.


NOTE:  Due to the drastic increase in the cost of this blend's ingredients (because of poor climate conditions), the cost of the blend has doubled...  IF the cost decreases in the future, we will definately reduce our price accordingly. 

Peaceful Bliss - Organic Blend

SKU: 8-139
  • This is a very potent blend, and must be mixed with a carrier oil prior to apply it to skin.  

    For children, blend no more than 2 drops of Peaceful Bliss with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.