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Organic, Medical-Grade Essential Oil
Origin: Thailand ~ Plant Part: Root
15 ML. amber glass dropper bottle.


SKU: 8-077
  • Skin Care: Speeds healing of injuries and incisions

    Circulation, Muscles & Joints: Analgesic, helps nerve pain, anti-inflammatory, sprains & strains, torn muscles & ligaments; VERY effective on inflamed joints to reduce pain and swelling.

    On joints that are inflamed due to injury, Plai is best combined with oils such as Black Pepper & Lemon or Neroli, Cedar, & Orange to reduce swelling, calm the pain & speed up healing time considerably. 

    Post-operative surgical: Apply equal amounts of Plai, Nutmeg & Lemon (blended with a carrier oil in a 10% concentration), above and below the surgical area to reduce tissue inflammation & swelling.

    Respiratory System: Antihistamine; Using Plai for asthma along with Tarragon (or Rosemary) & Cypress causes the attacks to greatly diminish in intensity; Reduces inflammation of lungs.

    Digestive System: Plai, along with Black Pepper, Orange & Tarragon has been used to counter irritable bowel syndrome. This blend was used across the abdomen after each bowel movement or anytime there was any cramping or pain in the abdominal area. Within three applications, all problems calmed down.

    Genito-Urinary System: For menstrual cramping apply a blend of Plai, Marjoram & Orange across the lower back & front abdomen every 15 minutes until pain subsides.  In a study, after three applications all cramps ceased & blood clots diminished; Reduces inflammation of kidneys. 

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