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Your skin needs it. Your heart needs it. Even your colon needs it!  Almond oil takes the mighty, nutrition-rich almonds and transforms it into a powerful oil with incredible benefits.

240 ML Packaged in an air-tight glass jar.

Sweet Almond Oil - Organic

SKU: 8-611
  • Sweet Almond Oil: 

    • Helps address bad cholesterol, dry skin and cardiovascular disease.  
    • When consumed, it can also help you shed extra pounds and lose weight fast! 
    • As a mild, hypoallergenic oil, it’s safe for sensitive skin, including baby skin. 
    • For dark circles under your eyes, apply a few warm drops beneath your bottom eyelid before bed, and you will see brighter, less puffy eyes in the morning. 
    • Applied all over the face, almond oil can also delay general signs of aging as it renews the cells of your facial skin. 
    • Almond oil is a natural remedy for eczema and psoriasis.
    • It's also great for your hair!  Work a small amount through your hair as a substitute for leave-in conditioner.

    Important:  Anyone with a nut allergy should avoid using almond oil.

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