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Safety MUST be your first consideration when using Essential Oils, Teas, Herbs, and all other aromatherapy products.

Before using any of our products, obtain safety information that pertains to your individual health.  Our Essential Oils are extremely potent and could do great harm if used in a manner that is inconsistent with any health issues you may have. 

There are many reliable books available that go into great detail pertaining to Essential Oil safety.  We have several books available for purchase, or they may be reviewed in our store.  Even though there is also a lot of information on the internet, it may or may not be accurate (so please do not rely on information obtained solely through internet search engines).

Additionally, there are precautions when using herbs and teas.  Again, do your research pertaining to your individual health prior to using these products.

Some issues that require great caution are pregnancy, nursing, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, organ transplant recipient, and there are many others.


Also, NEVER use these products on children or the elderly at the same dosage you would use on healthy adults. Again, there are many qualified books with this information to guide you.  These are also available for purchase, or may be reviewed in our store.

Aromatherapy is an amazing tool to obtain and maintain good physical, emotional, and spiritual health, but it needs to be treated with great respect.  Just because these products are all natural, it doesn’t mean they are safe for everyone’s personal situation.

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