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My name is Tricia Mehling. It was quite by accident that I became interested in essential oils and aromatherapy 15 years ago. I had been stressed-out for a long, long time, which eventually resulted in terribly sore muscles, severe headaches, and depression. I was also sick a great deal of the time. I had had several massages during this period, which helped some, but didn’t give me any lasting relief. Then the massage therapist started using essential oils (in the massage oil, and diffused in the treatment room). The results were amazing. Not only did I totally relax during the massage, I continued to use the essential oil/massage oil blend for several days (the therapist sent me home with the left-over blended massage oil), and all of my symptoms began to go away.

I’m not easily convinced of new things, so once I had used up all of the left-over essential oil/massage oil blend, I didn’t replace it because I wondered if it was just a really good massage that provided the relief instead of the aromatherapy. My symptoms came back quickly, so instead of getting another massage I purchased therapeutic-grade essential oils to try myself. I was surprised to find that my symptoms subsided faster this time.

Prior to delving into aromatherapy, after much research, I was fortunate enough to become associated with Essential Oil University, a world-renowned company that analyzes essential oils from companies throughout the world, including national MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) companies. Every batch of essential oils we carry has been extensively analyzed to verify its therapeutic value and efficacy, and we carry only the best. Both Essential Oil University and I stake our reputation on it!

Over the past 15-plus years I’ve researched aromatherapy, reading every book I could find plus taking numerous courses. I am now in the process of getting my Master’s certificate in aromatherapy through the Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy. I am a member of NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) and continually take further-educating courses.

Even though I feel quite confident in my knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy, I continually refer to my educational material to verify the therapeutic benefits as well as the safety data.

My goal is to get essential oil information to the most people possible in an effort to provide honest, reliable, and straightforward facts. There is far too much inaccurate information being tossed about which can result in very dangerous and damaging consequences

Be informed; be safe – your health depends on it.

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